Sweet New Beginnings How Do You Perceive Life? Resolving Problems Grand Cross and Easter Demon of Worry

Sweet New Beginnings

Sweet New Beginnings Higher Consciousness  Revitalizing My Website Loving Consciousness is revitalizing my website… HeartMonics™ Harmonizing Life! Come take a Wilderness Adventure into Your Heart and Discover YOU!  New Website and Membership Harmonizing life to be the life you love!  New in 2015 WebTV Show “The Adventures of The Heart, Building Wisdom Through Experience for […]

How Do You Perceive Life?

How do you perceive life? How do you perceive other people? How do you perceive yourself? However you perceive life increase the dose of love! This creates more harmony in your life and your experiences with all your relationships. Open your heart, open your mind to new friendships. Life is telling you… You CAN do […]

Resolving Problems

Resolving Problems With Loving Consciousness In 1973 a girl at the age of 11 was raped and sexually abused. This abuse along with beatings continued for about 4 1/2 years. During this time she went through years of illnesses and was paralyzed for a short time from the trauma of this experience.  If loving consciousness […]

Grand Cross and Easter

The Cardinal Grand Cross and Easter What are you feeling right NOW? There is a great deal of higher consciousness energy emerging within each one of us.  This consciousness, frequencies, and energetic flows are affecting you and the coherency of your heart.  As you are affected so is everyone around you. The more you are […]

Demon of Worry

The Second Demon Separating you from Love Demon of Worry Do you worry daily?   Worry is an illusion aging you and causing sorrow and pain. What will help you take worry and transform it into Wonderful? “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow.  It empties today of its strengths” ~ Corrie Ten Boom Worry […]